The Weight of Expectation

Nicholas Cage in Adaptation.

expectation * [ek-spek-tey-shuh n] noun
1. Something expected, a thing looked forward to: I look forward to the day I finish the novel. To begin, to begin.

2. Often, expectations, a prospect of future good or profit: Man, when I finish that novel, won’t I be all Yippee and Whoop! Whoop! and Take that, you inner editor. I am goooood. 

3. Statistics. mathematical expectation: This one woman I know wrote her novel in a year. BUT, this other author I know took ten years. So yeah. Now let’s do the numbers…when did I start this book?  

4. The degree of probability that something will occur: I really hate math.

expectation **
noun. Belief, anticipation. Synonyms: forecast, intention. Hope. Possibility. Trust.

“Act without expectation.” ~ Lao Tzu

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  1. Hello,
    I love the first pictures ! I realy hate maths too !

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