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The Weight of Expectation

expectation * [ek-spek-tey-shuh n] noun 1. Something expected, a thing looked forward to: I look forward to the day I finish the novel. To begin, to begin. 2. Often, expectations, a prospect of future good or profit: Man, when I finish that novel, won’t I … Continue reading

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New Season, New Studio, New Offer

Change is good. Wait…did I just say that? I am a list-maker and a planner and a “tell me the future because I can’t stand not knowing” kind of girl. I hate when folks in charge at the grocery store think it’s … Continue reading

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In the Heat of Summer: Poolside #Revisions

Revising is a game of attention, and I am easily distracted by clear skies, hot temps, and kids in need of entertaining. We head to the pool. They take to the water, and I take out pages of my novel. … Continue reading

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