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“I am here to write and to teach, and it is the writing I mull over…while I look out toward the still, blue lake, while I feel the warmth of the sunlight and the cool of the tree shadow on my face, on my shoulders. I wind through the woods and the marshes and watch for deer, for their horizontal movement amidst this vertical landscape. I can feel their presence, even when I can’t see them, these deer. They are like an idea in the making: There. Close. There.”

And These Are the Good Times by Patricia Ann McNair

July 19, Wednesday, up north. It’s late; I am off my game. As summer goes, the writing wanes. But then, what is life if I’m not living it? and I am. Bathing in still waters, basking in sunlight, gathering story.

About Christi Craig

Christi Craig is a native Texan living in Wisconsin, working by day as a sign language interpreter and moonlighting as a writer, teacher, and editor. Her stories and essays have appeared online and in print, and she received an Honorable Mention in Glimmer Train's Family Matters Contest, 2010. You can send comments or questions via her contact page.
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  1. Beth Hoffman says:

    Yes! –> “But then, what is life if I’m not living it? and I am.”

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