Flash Nonfiction I: An Introduction

You’ve got a story. Tell it in a way that packs a punch.

IMG_0087Flash nonfiction is creative nonfiction compressed into a space of 1000 words or less. When done successfully, the story grips readers from the first few words and holds them breathless until the end.

During this ONLINE four-week course, we will tap into books, videos, podcasts, and samples of great flash nonfiction and learn about techniques that make this powerful genre work.

Don’t think you’ll get away with just reading and studying the craft, though. We’ll put these techniques into practice through writing exercises and peer feedback. At the end of the four weeks, you will leave the course with a better understanding of what makes flash nonfiction work, a list of resources for further study and/or submission ideas, and several new pieces of work under your belt. For testimonials, see below.

Winter Session
Registration is closed.
Jan. 7-Feb. 3, 2018
$100 for new students | $85 for returning students
$90 for new blog subscribers
(contact me for information about this or other courses.)

Student testimonials:

“This is an easy to use platform even for someone who is better with words than technology. A great class with a ton of resources and interaction between participants if you so choose. I got two good essays out of it, and ideas for more.” ~ Laurel Landis

“Christi Craig’s Flash Nonfiction Online Course packed a wealth of resources and prompts into four weeks and gave me a needed motivational push to strengthen the writing habit. The instructor’s supportive guidance allowed participants to take risks with their writing and to get better at giving feedback to others.” ~ Lisa Rivero

“Christi Craig is a great writing instructor—she prepared terrific readings and podcasts to illuminate different concepts. Her writing assignments helped me dig into topics I might not have considered before. In addition to her encouraging manner, she is also an excellent critique with great insights to help elevate our writing. Highly recommend!” ~ Pam Parker

“The combination of learning about the art of flash nonfiction, practicing with short writing prompts, and critiques of a longer piece was just what I needed. It’s rekindled my inspiration and reawakened my desire to write.” ~ anonymous

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