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Author Q&A: Carol Wobig, The Collected Stories

“‘Ginny,’ I whispered into the darkness. ‘Ginny.’ I was no longer Mother Adalbert, Addie, superior of a community of two thousand women. Drunks and hordes of mosquitos were my community now. One landed on my arm. I let it pierce … Continue reading

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Keep an Open Mind, Watch the Magic Unfold

So much in life and writing is about showing up, putting one foot in front of the other, and being open to where the path takes you. When I began working with a group of senior citizens at Harwood Place … Continue reading

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Slowing Down. Paying Attention. Taking Note

I post here every Wednesday. Mostly about writing and life and sometimes about the way one bleeds into the other. I post religiously. If only to keep my mind on the stories and my hands to the page. Some weeks though, like … Continue reading

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