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Drawing of online connectionAs a writer, one can never be complacent; learning is imperative, practice is key. Pick up a book on craft, register for a one-day workshop, steal away for a weekend retreat.

Or, if your schedule is too rigid to slip away for a day or two but you still want the benefit of an instructor, lessons on craft, and prompts, sign up for one of my online courses.

My courses range from 4 to 6 weeks long, promise a small, intimate atmosphere with limited registration, and guarantee lively discussions and formal critique. Some courses are genre-specific, most aim to keep you active on the page, allowing you the flexibility to write what you want. All of them open the door for building your community of writers.

Read this interview with Lisa RiveroIMG_1014 about my own online learning experience and what I bring to the classes I teach. Then, click the links below for more information about each course.

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  2. Maggie Smith says:

    can I get a bit more information about the May on-line class; I’m going to be on vacation May 9-14th and probably not able to do much during that time. Not sure of the time committment, format, etc. and whether it would still make sense to do this, but I’m interested (where are you in wisconsin? I got to your site through Red Oak writing event, clicking on Lisa Rivero’s name and seeing her interview with you.

    • Christi Christi says:

      Sure, Maggie. Each week’s content is broken down into three parts: a warm-up exercise (basically a 10-minute writing prompt), a brief lesson to read and get you thinking about the week’s topic, and a longer writing assignment due towards the end of the week. I will email you directly with a few more details, but I’d say there’s a 2-3 hour time commitment online in addition to the time you might spend writing the longer pieces–understanding that any pieces you submit would be in their early stages and written in a few days. The goal is to generate new work & receive some critique. Hope that helps. I’ll email you as well. Thanks for your interest!

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