Teaching & Editing

Online course offerings

  1. Drawing of online connectionFALL. Principles & Prompts: Creativity, Story, & Writing: 6 weeks (Nov-Dec), strong focus on putting pen to paper with tiny lessons on creativity & craft and weekly writing prompts.
  2. WINTER. Flash Nonfiction I: An Introduction: 4 weeks (Jan-Feb), an introductory course with lessons specific to the very short essay, weekly quick writes to get your pen moving, and assignments that build up to a more developed essay. Plus, receive peer feedback.
  3. SPRING. Flash Nonfiction II: Write, Critique. Rinse, Repeat: 6 weeks (Apr-May), a more intensive study of flash nonfiction techniques. Dive deeper into lessons on the short essay and receive more specific peer critique. You may use the opportunity to generate several new pieces or refine current essays. Either way, let go of your inner editor by moving from writing to critique and back to writing in short succession.

For information on in-person workshops, drop me a line.

Personal Editing

pexels-photo-57690It’s a package deal! $65 gets you 20 pages (or 5000 words) of developmental and/or line editing (fiction, nonfiction, or novel in progress) plus a 1/2 hour meeting or phone call to discuss edits or next steps.

My experience includes previous work as an Assistant Editor at COMPOSE Journal, Associate Editor at Noble/Gas Quarterly, former Roundtable Critique Group Leader at Red Oak Writing, and a member of Forest Avenue Press’ novel acquisitions team.


[Christi’s] contributions ranged from detailed line editing, to suggestions regarding a major addition that provided much needed historical context. As a result, the story acquired greater depth and relevance~ Myles Hopper, contributor in Family Stories from the Attic.

Christi is warm, professional, thoughtful, and thorough. With a sensitivity for nuance, she gave valuable insight in the editing of my poems and writing. ~ Yvonne Stephens, contributor in Family Stories from the Attic

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In-Person Workshops

Flash Nonfiction: the Art of the Short Essay. Oct. 6-7, 2017, Wisconsin Writers Association Fall Conference, Neenah, WI. In this workshop, we will explore a few key aspects of flash nonfiction, such as beginnings, endings, and the power of details. We will read examples of published essays, discuss them in the context of technique, and spend a short time putting our own pen to paper. Writers will leave with a general knowledge of the genre, resources for further study, and the bare bones of a first draft. Watch for more information HERE.