Teaching & Editing

Online course offerings

  1. Drawing of online connectionPrinciples & Prompts: 6 weeks, strong focus on putting pen to paper with tiny lessons on creativity & craft and weekly writing prompts.
  2. Flash Nonfiction: 4 weeks, strong focus on lessons specific to the very short essay and weekly writing prompts with critique. REGISTRATION IS OPEN!
  3. Write, Critique. Rinse, Repeat (as a course or independent study): 4 weeks, strong focus on weekly writing prompts & critique with brief lessons on craft & story techniques.

For information on in-person workshops, drop me a line.

Personal Editing

pexels-photo-57690It’s a package deal! $65 gets you 20 pages (or 5000 words) of developmental and/or line editing (fiction, nonfiction, or novel in progress) plus a 1/2 hour meeting in the studio (West Allis, WI) or via Google Hangouts to discuss edits or next steps.

My editing experience includes previous work as an Assistant Editor at COMPOSE Journal, Associate Editor at Noble/Gas Quarterly, former Roundtable Critique Group Leader at Red Oak Writing, and a member of Forest Avenue Press’ novel acquisitions team.

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In-Person Workshops

  1. Flash Memoir. Saturday, Jan. 21, 2017, Red Oak Writing Studio, West Allis, WI. In this workshop, we will define the purpose of memoir and the memoir essay (there is a difference!). We’ll look at traditional and nontraditional forms and talk about strategies for turning a personal experience or story into flash memoir (1,000 words or fewer). And, we will put pen to paper–because we learn best when we engage with the page! REGISTER HERE.
  2. Flash Nonfiction.Oct. 6-7, 2017, Wisconsin Writers Association Fall Conference, Neenah, WI. Bringing the online 4-week course back to the tables for a 90 minute workshop. We’ll examine samples of flash nonfiction, discuss specific techniques that give short pieces strength, and put pen to paper with prompts. Watch for more information HERE.